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Tripod, the Three-Legged Cat

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Dear Tripod. . .

I hope you are lying in the sun feeling good and contemplating your past lives. . .as a cat or a dog or a person.

Grandma Muriel

Dear Muriel,
Thanks! I have simply been unable to remember what species I was in my past life. I am confident, however, that whichever it was, I was some sort of royalty.


I am truly humbled by the mere existence of such an extraordinary cat. I owe this cat much gratitude for so faithfully protecting his people in every situation. I pay homage daily.

The two-legged wonder boy,

Thanks for the homage, Seth! Isn't it amazing how much we can accomplish with so few legs? Just remember "To err is human, to be proud, feline." May you find a cat to protect you too.



Hey, Tripod, I am a West Highland Terrier and I can really bark. I bet you would be scared if you heard me. I will send you my picture so you can see how fierce I am. Maybe we can meet one day. Take care!


Dear Wesley,
Perhaps we will meet but don't be offended if I swat you in the face! It's a cat's way of greeting dogs.


Hello, my name is Isabella. I live in Morgantown with many unruly college students (their only plus being they feed me lots of unhealthy people food like Fruity Pebbles and beer). I am a white kitty with grey splotches and green eyes. I am a bit on the small side but still tough. I love to have fun. . .meow meow.
I read of your adventures and I was impressed beyond belief. What trials you have overcome; your perserverance is an honor to all kitties. You melted my heart. You put the OW in meow. But the web page mentioned nothing about your love life--meow? Is there a feline included in your adventures?

All the meows on earth,
Isabella Cat

Dear Isabella,
I never thought I would fall in love on the internet. My heart is pounding. But before I get too carried away, I should tell you that I am almost 12 years old, elderly (but distinguished, I assure you). I must tell you that I am not, ahem, whole (and I don't mean my leg). I cannot give you kittens. As for drinking beer and eating sugar, I am too old for that. But I do really love salmon and I would enjoy sharing it with you. Perhaps my love life will become the subject of the next chapter. Will you star in it, Isabella?

Many meows,

Tripod, you are an inspiration to all of us in the state of Maine. Your story helps us to believe that no matter what happens to you in life, you must always go on living. Could you say "Hi" to your pet human, Braden, for me? I don't know how you were able to train him so well.


Dear Phil,
Thanks! I'm glad you liked my story. I'd like to hear yours some day. It was tough training my humans but they try hard. Braden wants to know if you also were trained by a cat?


I want to applaud your cat. Those were some inspiring tales. I enjoyed reading of the boy of the family's failed attempts to scare off the deer. Tell Tripod I'm sorry for his loss but he's a very courageous cat.


Dear t-sa,
Thanks! It's all in a day's work for a cat!


Hello, Tripod!
I'm glad to hear you've settled in well. I admire your courage and daring, especially in the death of the evil fawn.


Dear Windsong,
If anything, things are even better here. My people's fear that I will be devoured by cougars or bears forces them to allow me inside at night. I curl up on the recliner in front of the fireplace and refuse to go outside in the morning cold.
I am glad you grasp the significance of the episode with the evil fawn--some find it confusing because he was so young (but Oh So Corrupt!).


Tripod, I am filled with admiration by the tales of your exploits. Your people sound weird though. Why would they drive all the way across the country just to crash into a house when there must have been many earlier opportunities? I'm sorry to hear about Quadpod.

A Sympathetic Bipod

You are very perceptive about my people, but my cat friends and I prefer to describe them as characters. We try to appreciate them even though it's hard to understand why they behave as they do at times. As for crashing into the house, timing is everything in these matters.
Thanks for the condolences about Quadpod. Whenever I walk at the edge of the forest past his grave covered with shiny coins, crab shells and pretty wood, I think of him and hope to join him again some day in another land. I trust that bipods will inhabit that land also.


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