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Tales of a Superhero Cat

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Tripod Loses a Leg

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Tripod Travels West

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Tripod's Brother Dies

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Tripod Kills a Fawn

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Tripod, A Cat for All Seasons

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Say Hi To Tripod!

Tripod, the Three-Legged Cat

An ordinary (except for the lack of a hind leg) red tabby, Tripod is no ordinary cat. In truth, adventurer extrordinaire is no exaggeration for this risk-taker. Tripod's adventures keep kittens awake at night quivering with fear but hoping against hope that their lives will be as exciting. How many cats can boast of frightening a deer to death? Tripod don't take no s. . .!

Cat-lovers who have heard the tales of Tripod, the three-legged cat, regard him as one of the 21st Century's Cat Superheroes. He's overcome serious physical obstacles and taken decisive action when needed. But there's a feline side to Tripod that loves nothing better than a good snooze.

Tripod, the Three-Legged Cat Snoozes

Photo by Braden Paule

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