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Tales of a Superhero Cat

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Tripod, the 3-Legged Cat
Tripod Travels West
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Tripod's Brother Dies
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Tripod Kills a Fawn
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Tripod, A Cat for All Seasons
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Say Hi To Tripod!

Moving Red CatTripod Survives the Loss of a Leg

A cat with a purpose, a cat who has transformed being disabled into being differently abled, Tripod's beginnings were as a humble stray. As a young Tom, he catted around the farmer's barn with an occasional visit to the big brown house with cat food in the woods of West Virginia. One day he met his match in Rocky, one of the meanest Tomcats in the US of A. The fight was vicious: crows squawked, squirrels hid amidst the branches of the trees, and Tripod came out of the fight with his left hind leg hanging by a string of flesh.

The woman at the brown house shook her head in dismay when she caught sight of the poor cat but he shied away from people in those days and went off to the woods to lick his wounds and heal. Later, he would return to find that Rocky the Fighter had, by the work of the surgeon's knife, become the genteel Gov. Rockefeller. Tripod found a home there at the brown house in the woods living in the upstairs of the garage with Rocky and the other cats. Over time, all of the old gang passed on--just Tripod and Quadpod remained.

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